Heal Me Mother

Kreem kalikaiyana maha!        om namashivaya!   shri kula devatayanamaha!


I Bow to my Mother and Father all this life is their blessings and love!

I Bow to all my spiritual gurus and teachers who helped to light my spiritual journey!

I Bow to lord Ganesha for blessing my spiritual journey without obstacles!

I Bow to Gayatri Matha Durga Devi,mukkoti devi devtas  my healing angles, arch angels great souls my spirit guides,pancha bhutalu,Surya Chandra,Navagraha,dikpalakas,great yogis and yoginis,matrikas and great gurus and spiritual teachers and guides,and all those prayers and shaktis and people who were supporting and guiding and protecting me in my spiritual journey!

I Bow to mother Goddes kali ! Supreme father lord shiva for blessing me and protecting me every second and being with me every time and guiding me !

Kreem kalikaiyana maha!        om namashivaya!   shri kula devatayanamaha!

I invoked the blessing of all gods and goddess and spiritual mother and father to protect this peace of information from evil creatures and entities .to create positive and healing energies flow from the words and info.


Atma Namaste!!

Universal mother Blessings be upon you.

This blog is very little effort to extend my knowledge and energy to extend my PRAYER HEALING service to the requires souls.

I don’t want to challenge readers with their

  • Belief system
  • Religion or Religious practices
  • Ideology and their methods of rituals
  • Perception of God
  • Caste, colour, Sex etc.

with my spiritual research/knowledge and perception on God and healing methods.I just want to make this message free from complicated methods and practices and approaches dealing with spiritual aspect. I don’t want user to question or challenge their belief system with new information. I believe whatever knowledge we have and we acquire there is a reason and purpose behind it and all ways reaches to GOD no religion or culture is more or less having strong faith in whatever we do or practice and surrender your results to God will gives you what you deserve…

I don’t want create a library of information piled up like a old books in the rack .I just want my information short and simple enough to read and assimilate.    

After a long spiritual research by the grace of universal mother and father this medium was gifted with few healing abilities, which I want to extend to the society at large by the grace of Mother.

I am taking this step to connect with those souls whom MOTHER GODDESS want to give her Shakti to cure to heal the physical and mental agony and all those pains and grief.

This is a very micro level effort made but most powerful force of mother is giving the source of inspirations and thoughts of energy conveying her message through this medium like a laser piercing through . She wants to heal her children from worldly miseries and ailments. She is infinite and supreme mother she can rescue her children from any situation no matter  what ever may be the challenge , all we need is believe in her and her presence around us, ask her from your heart “O Mother of Universe” please help me, heal me from this situation, be my protector, lead me from darkness to light! You are save you are healed..

People who extended support of my healing for their loved ones are whom they want healing support please feel free to mail your request at healmemother@gmail.com.

With following details

Name of the person

Problem in brief

Timing for the healing session

At the given healing time when I do healing session, You need feel/imagine some one is pouring a  white milk from top of your head and it is flowing from entire your body to toe, while it is leaving your body it is dirty and changed its colour and mother earth is absorbing the dirty milk from your body .after that sit and relax for some time and write back in mail with degree of relief ..

Note : if the person was victim of evil forces and any other kind can be healed but Bad karma and karmic outcome cannot be healed has to suffer to clear the Karmic Debt.

If you feel you are relived after healing session and want to support voluntarily this medium kindly mail healmemother@gmail.com.


Kreem kalikaiyana maha!        om namashivaya!   shri kula devatayanamaha!


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